Our Philosophy

   The Roge Magick Coven Philosophy   

We at the ROGE coven are most fascinated with pieces, spirits and spells carrying both sides of the energetic poles of light and dark and we seek to bring pieces with this unique profile to the public. The most powerful items are the ones that are in harmony with both white and dark magick complexes. If you seek the most powerful and reactive magical forces that exist on any plane of consciousness, you must seek what lies in the middle of these two polarities. The realm of Magick is much like a tornado: the edges are demonstration of great power, but only when you reside within the eye of the chaos are you able to truly come to understand its inner workings. To exist in the eye of a tornado allows you to truly be in awe of the storm that is the magick realm and respect its all mighty power. Residing in the middle of the polarities of light and dark magick is like experiencing the eye of the tornado.
The Roots of Good and Evil Coven is a body of practitioners who are in full dedication of balance. The more that humans can move into the center of all polarities, the more advanced we become an of course, therefore all of humanity can resonate on a higher vibrational level. Once human consciousness can let go of their ideas of what is "joy" or "sorrow," “masculine” and what is feminine" what is “good” and what is “bad” and what is “light” and what is “dark” etc. etc. etc. then we will transform our entire human race. We try to seek out pieces that are in line with this concept within our coven. True metaphysical marvels contain a balance of light and dark and the most potent results come from the items that exist as close to the middle of polarity as possible. To truly master oneself, and the magic all around you, you need to be a friend to both the light and the darkness.

Our immediate coven members and casters are (in order of age and experience) Sister Astrid, Sister Celeste, Sister Amanda, and Sister Crystal. With over a century of collective experience in the magickal realm, we are part of an ancient and global matrix of practitioners, shamans, light workers, occultists and Magick Orders, we seek out metaphysical and paranormal marvels of the highest rarity and power. If you are seeking a specific energetic treasure, spell or service that you do not see on our website, please inquire with us at rootsofgoodandevil@gmail.com and we will work within our matrix web to see if we can procure it for you.

Blessings be,
Sister Celeste and the Rogemagick Coven